Welcome to KadoKado! Enjoy more than 60 Exclusive Games all developed by Motion-Twin. Play and win Kado points which can be used to buy Amazon Gift Cards!

On Kadokado, winning gifts couldn't be easier:

  • Play a game
  • Win Kado points
  • Go to the Shop to order your Gift Voucher.

Each day you'll receive 4 free Green Gems Image. Green Gems cannot be accumulated.

The rule is simple: One Gem = One Game Token.

If you'd like to play more than 4 times per day, you can buy Orange Gems Image from the Play More section. Orange Gems can be accumulated.

Click on the MENU ON THE RIGHT to access to the Help section Image Image

Kado Points

When you play a game, there is a score we challenge you to beat which we call a contract. If you fulfill this contract, you win Kado points Image, which can be exchanged for real gifts in the Gift Cards section and for new games available in the Kado-Gifts section.

Kado Points can be used to:

  • Join a clan
  • Create a clan
  • Unlock new games in the Kado-Gift shop section
  • Buy a Forum Pass in the Kado-Gift shop section
  • Get Gift cards from the Kado-Gift shop section. Which can be used for real discounts in online shops such as
  • Etc.

Contracts are useful for obtaining Kado points Image but there are other ways to obtain them too.


A Kadokado period lasts 14 days. The Kalendar at the top right of the web shows you the current period and day.

At the end of this period (Monday morning GMT+1) all scores are reset and players receive the Kado points Image which they won during the previous period. You can get Kado points in different ways:

  • By winning stars playing each game.
  • By fulfilling contracts on each game.

We are now going to explain these two points:


If you get a good score during a game, you receive a Star.

  • Image a Green Star, for good players.
  • Image a Orange Star, for great players.
  • Image a Red Star, for elite players.

The Star you have achieved in a game is indicated in the box of each game. The number of Stars you have in the current period is indicated in the My Stars box on the right.

At the end of the period, your Stars are brought back to 0 and you get extra Kado points according to the Stars you have obtained during the period:

  • One Image Green Star = 10 Image
  • One Image Orange Star = 50 Image
  • One Image Red Star = 100 Image

Try to collect as many Stars as you can during each period in order to maximize your rewards.

The score you need to reach in order to win a Star is calculated depending on the results of players in the previous period.

( Check the score you need to reach in each game in order to win a Star, click here)


It is important to know that a general ranking doesn’t exist.

There are 8 levels (more information on the next section) for each game.

The rankings where you are playing and your current positions are in the section : "Site" > Tab "Me" (Image at the top right). Thanks to this system, you will always be matched against players of your own level at each game.

At the end of each period, the best players at each level go up to the next level, receive a Cup Image and Kado points Image. If you see this icon Image beside a game, it means that you will go up a level in the next period.

Take a look at this information regularly. If other players overtake your position, you may miss the chance of going up a level.

The bar Image, located under the "My current ranking" box, represents the value of all the stars you have got on a scale of 1 to 100.Win Red Stars in order to reach the maximum level on the bar.

If new games are added, new stars will also be also added so therefore your bar will descend.


Each time you level up, you will receive Kado points Image. The number of Kado points you receive increases as you reach higher levels:

Level Number of classified players Kado points
Newbie3000 100
Confirmed2000 200
Green1000 300
Orange500 500
Red100 1000
Bronze20 2000
Silver5 5000
Gold1 10000

Try to improve your rankings. The higher your ranking, the more Kado points Image you will receive. Don't forget to regularly check your ranking and make sure that nobody overtakes you or you will lose your ranking.

Feather-Weight Ranking

The Paradise Image ranking is used to indicate players who have reached the Gold level. These players are considered best players of each game.

Each period, a Piouz Feather Image is distributed to the best player of each game. There is only one feather per game.

At the end of each period, the rankings are closed and the player with the most feathers will receive 100.000 Image!

If there is a draw, this amount is shared among the winners.

All players who received at least 2 feathers (and who are not in the winners list) share 100.000 Image.


A Clan is a group of 1 to 50 players who fight together against other clans.

You can either join a clan or create a new one.

Each Clan has a score and a position in the Global Clan Ranking.

Attacks Image and Defenses Image are just like a contract in the normal game mode. You'll keep playing the games as normal, but in a special game mode.


To increase its score a clan must Attack Image other clans.

To attack another clan, go to their Home Page, click on the "Attack This Clan" button and choose which Game to attack them with.

Try to get as high a score as possible!

Your score will then be the Attack Image. Your enemy will be obliged to better your score in order to Defend Image your attack. If your enemy successfully defends your attack it will have failed.

If after 12 hours your score has not been beaten, then your clan will win up to 10 points! Not only this, your opponent will also lose the same number of points.

Always attack clans which have a score similar to yours in order to get the maximum number of points as possible each time you launch a successful attack.

It is important to know that you cannot Attack Image and Defend Image for your clan at the same time. You will have to make a choice!


In order to improve the ranking of the your clan, you must successfully Attack Image and Defend Image.

The current status of your clans' attacks are indicated in the Status tab of your clan. The challenges from other clans are also indicated in this tab.

Remember that if you have an Attack in progress, you can't Defend Image. You must organise the members of your clan in order to successfully manage all the attacks and defenses.

The Missions

Each clan has a score and a position in the clan mission rankings.

Missions proposed to clans consist of a series of scores to attain on several games. Complete these stages of the mission to earn mission points.

This ranking also earns you kado points!.


The Championship of Clans is divided into 2 periods. At the end of each period, the rankings are reset and the highest ranked clans will receive Kado points. Points are distributed as follows in the table below:

Ranking Kado points
3rd to 5th75.000
6th to 10th25.000
11th to 25th12.500
26th to 50th7.500
51th to 100th5.000
101th to 200th2.500
201th to 500th1.250

Kado points are shared out between the players of each winning clan.

VIP Status

You can become a VIP player and gain advantages in Kadokado.

Here you'll find information about its associated advantages:

Complete your Loyalty Card in order to increase your VIP Status. Go to the next section for further information: Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card

Once you become a Level 1 VIP, you will receive a Loyalty Card. The more games you buy, the faster you will be able to complete your Loyalty Card and improve your VIP Status.

Check your Loyalty Card to see its current state.

This is an example of what a Level 1 VIP Loyalty Card looks like:


To see your VIP card, go to the main page of the Play More section. Image

VIP Level 1

The first time you buy game tokens, Gems, in the Play More section you become a Level 1 VIP. VIP Level 1 gives access to:

  • Double Kado points for successfully completed contracts.
  • A new banner at the top of the page.
  • Your very own VIP Stats page.
  • Previous period history.
  • The Level 2 VIP Loyalty Card, which you will have to complete in order to become a Level 2 VIP.

VIP Level 2

Once you have completed the Level 2 VIP Card, you will achieve Level 2 VIP status.
VIP Level 2 gives access to:

  • 5 Green Gems instead of 4 each day.
  • A new banner at the top of the page.
  • Previews of new games released on KadoKado.
  • A new game reserved for Level 2 VIP Players.
  • The Level 3 VIP Loyalty Card, which you will have to complete in order to become a Level 3 VIP.

VIP Level 3

Once you have completed the Level 3 VIP Card, you will achieve Level 3 VIP status. VIP Level 3 gives access to:

  • A new game reserved to Level 3 VIP players.
  • A new banner at the top of the page.


  • If you have more questions, please consult Technical Support.
  • Technical Support contains a comprehensive FAQ and allows you to contact the Motion-Twin Team.